eBiking reflects the latest trend. More than three million pedelecs are already in use on Germany’s roads. A wide range of eBikes is available – from comfortable step-through models and everyday bikes to sporty eMountain bikes or functional eCargo bikes. There is a suitable eBike for every occasion. Interested people can choose from over 2,000 models on the German market.

Enthusiasm is spread through many countries. By 2023, annual sales of pedelecs are forecast to reach 3,300,000 in Europe. There is a constantly increasing demand for eBikes. This is due to its new opportunities for leisure bikers, but also to its potential for the city of the future. 51 percent of motorised transport trips could be moved to bicycles or cargo bikes. eCargo bikes are especially useful for parcel or delivery services. They can carry up to 200 kilogram without any problems.

The eBike is the perfect partner for urban life. Every other trip by car is less than 5 kilometres. The pedelec is the fastest mode of transport for these distances in urban traffic and saves time looking for parking lots. Moreover, the eBike can be an opportunity for urban planning, as a car parking space fits six to eight bicycles. Regained space could be used for people and the environment.