Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS) a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, announced that TCS has signed a partnership agreement with the Department of Education of the State Government of São Paulo, Brazil, to take IT knowledge to about 190,000 students and teachers of primary and secondary education through the TCS goIT program.

The project is aligned with the secondary school reform, proposed by the Federal Government. The idea is to expand the full time technical education and in conjunction with the private sector. The program will take place initially in two regional education departments of São Paulo city – North 1 and East 2. The schools will have its nearly 4,000 teachers trained by TCS professionals and further they will share these learned content with 92,000 students in each regional department.

The content will include areas such as technology trends, Internet of Things, learning mechanisms outside of schools, and technology for classrooms. In addition, two schools of these regional departments will receive goIT special editions –  the school Augusto Ribeiro de Carvalho, located in the neighborhood of Nossa Senhora do Ó in the North of São Paulo; and the school Dom Pedro I, located in São Miguel Paulista in the East side of the city.

Students will have access to the TCS virtual learning platform, Campus Commune, and periodic meetings with specialists. Besides providing the content the specialists will answer questions and assist the development of a final project and help in creating an application focused on the regional market where they live.

“This partnership is a game changer for TCS Brazil initiatives in the education field. TCS will play a significant role in assisting the learning and development of students in the public education network there by contributing to the transformation of the educational scenario. Teachers will be the multipliers of the content by expanding this reach beyond the initial classes,” said Parameswaran Ramani, Head of Human Resources at TCS Brazil.

“TCS believes that it is possible to transform lives through education. And that is what we are seeking with this initiative: assuring opportunities and helping students from public education network to have their space in the market. This initiative is part of a much larger project focused on the Brazilian education,” said Tushar Parikh, Country Head at TCS Brazil.

“Today’s world needs entrepreneurs, creators and multitasking people. That is why it is crucial to offer specialized classes to students and this will attract our children and youth connected on social networks and entirely evolved in the digital era”, pointed out the Education Secretary of São Paulo’s State Government.